About CLP

College Life Planning is a launching point from high school and transfer students as well as recent college grads. We offer dynamic services approaching students as individuals. With high school and college advisors managing 300-600 students at a time (or higher), we are a specialized organization developed to meet the diverse needs of individual students. We offer a boutique of fee based services including full counseling packages, personality profiling for career assessment and college major selection help, and test preparation for the PSAT/SAT/ACT.

Our company is based on the following tenants:

Our staff are trained in college admissions, academics, and finance and we will always strive for excellence in our advising. We will give expert advice in all of the areas we can, and when necessary we will refer our students to others more knowledgeable that ourselves (such as is the case with referrals to SD Tutoring, or our expert advisers, Mike LaBahn and Mike Adams).

A good name is more desirable than great wealth. A quote from the Bible that rings true in this field. Without a good name, we have nothing and with every advising session, and with every opportunity to influence the future of each of our students, we are meticulously honest and integrous.

Another tenant of our organization is innovation. Solutions for students are as varying as the students themselves, and we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box. The goal is to help students develop their own path based on their strengths and abilities as well as their interests and then find the best possible solutions for them.

We take our role very seriously with our students and we keep the confidence of our students and parents. Learning the goals and intentions of our students, we will never share, or allow your records to be given out. Your confidentiality is one of our prime tenants.

3 responses to “About CLP”

  1. Jordan Richman, Ph.D. says :

    The great professoers I had inspired me to learn the truthabout the nature of genuis,and to venerate there work. Their ninds were filled with the extascy of their subjects, whether it was Paradise lost, Shakespeare’ sonnets, English verse, and they imbued their studentd with the same passionated dedication. they in turn in the Republic of Letters prompted each student to fairly judge each others endeavarers to find the highrest meanings to bring alive the mmortal component of the art of literature.

    • Nathan Cornett says :

      I have been asking myself the question, “what inspires people”. I feel that you helped me get a little closer to finding some kind of working answer. I am most inspired by the inspired! I am most interested in those who have something interesting to say, and those who say it passionately! Thanks for your insight!

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