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Know before you go…

“Within 10 years, 70% of college grads will not be working in a field related to their major.”

Most people ask for help from those who they are closest to.  Unfortunately‚ Mom & Dad may not be the best advisors when it comes to helping you decide what to do with your life.  In fact‚ most people‚ even those who dearly love you‚ will still give you advise based on THEIR personality‚ experience‚ and current life circumstances.  In other words‚ most people give you the advice they need to take themselves.

Many of them made the wrong choices and ended up poor‚ fired‚ divorced‚ or at least unhappy‚ and so their advice is questionable.  The best thing they could tell you is “I don’t know.  You are going to have to figure it out for yourself.”  However‚ once they tell you that you are back where you started… still needing help.

MAPS was developed with these students in mind… with ME in mind! MAPS helps students figure out WHO they are, so then they can figure out WHAT they can do. MAPS will give students their top strengths and we can then develop a list of majors that will BEST compliment who they are as a person. Once we figure that out, we can then generate a list of colleges and universities that would BEST suit their individual needs. And we can do it for a fraction of the cost of other counseling options.

College Life Planning does offer a comprehensive list of counseling options, but if you want my honest opinion, using MAPS would be the best, most affordable way to build a college list, choose a school, select a major, and build your College and Career path on!

How do you select a major in college?!

By: Nathan Cornett



The first thing you will want to do is take a deep look inside… who are you? What are you passionate about? If you don’t know these answers, what about these- What subjects are you good at right now? Are there any subjects that you like? If you find a particular interest in biology, or history; you might find that that interest is more lasting than just a brief high school fling.

Start to seriously ask yourself what you may be interested in now. It may take years to develop those interests into actionable items, but if you start asking now you will have the answers sooner than if you wait.

Start with your interests and then move to your skills. You will want to like what you do (that’s your interests) but you’ve also got to be good at what you do (that’s your skills). Once you can see how your interests and skills work together in harmony, then you can start to develop a plan for your life that is lasting.

I spent a good part of my life very unsure of what I was doing. In fact I still have questions about my direction. But I know for sure that my passion is to ‘help’ people become who they were designed to be, and to live life to the fullest.

If you’re interested, I would be happy to meet with you through the MAPS profiling system we created in conjunction with Mike Adams. This profiling system is very affordable, and we can help to use your talents and strengths in conjunction with your interests and passions to develop a plan that you can use to guide you through the college planning process.

Call me! E-mail me! Text me! IM me! Whateve. I am available.

My College Journey

A lot of these posts seem so boring and canned because they deal with the rote side of going to college. This stuff can be found anywhere. But the untold story about college planning hasn’t been heard quite as often. There is pain for me behind this topic. The reason I want to start a business revolving around college planning is because of my own shortsighted mistakes. Granted the tools have improved significantly since I went to college, and so has the college environment. There are some timeless truths however that can be taught, and the truth is, it is about the journey, not the destination (thanks dad, I always knew you were right, generally).

The key to success in college is different for everyone. It is impossible to say what worked for me will also work for you; it may or it may not. This is exactly the approach that most colleges and high schools take! There is a broad assumption that going to college is the BEST for everyone, and to take this deeper, the assumption is that going to a four year (Ivy) right out of high school is the best option for everyone. The truth is that it may not be.

Another fault that many students make (including me, and the heart of my pain) is in the area of finances. Often, it isn’t the frugal, basic use of student loans, but the extravagant use of student loans,  car loans, credit cards, and a small private loan for “just in case”. This kind of financial pressure leads to emotional pressure which leads to mental pressure. It stifles innovation and creativity and it KILLS… ABSOLUTELY KILLS  passion.

So in my journey to pursue a brighter future and a restored past, I am working hard to help lead other young men and women with me. To help young high school students discover their strengths and to discover a path to achieve their greatest passions and dreams. This is my calling. To uncover the calling of others and launch them into their future. I use MAPS because it works. Simple as that. It is the most detailed and ACCURATE tool I have ever seen.

My pain is your gain. The lessons I have learned through pain and frustration you can learn from the comfort of your living room, and then you can enjoy an earlier starting point and achieve far greater success than I ever could.