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C.A.P. First Release… Success? Or failure?

We released the first CAP workshop to a group of great teens this past month, they paid between $20 and $30 for this first release course and they helped us to work through some of the bugs and concerns and questions that we had about the course. College Admissions Prep is an online, 4-week college prep course that students direct themselves through to learn about how to prepare for college. It is cheap, and an easy way for parents and students to get ready for college admissions!

But was it a success?

Well, yes and no. Every student I talked to said they loved the content, what they read and how they read it was funny and easy to read. They even said they learned something they didn’t know before about planning for college. They liked the videos, they liked the discussion posts, and they felt that they learned something valuable as a result of taking this course.

On the other hand… Only about 35% of the enrolled students participated in the discussions, and only 1 in 14 completed the final assignment, a short essay, geared at helping students get ready for the college admissions essay. She wrote an excellent essay by the way and, with some minor tweaking, will be a great college admissions essay!

So what’s the problem?

It’s a question of motivation. Why would a group of kids complete an online course helping them get ready for college? That’s an excellent question, one that I haven’t effectually answered in full. However, I know it is a multifaceted issue. First, parents must be willing to help motivate their kids. One student actually suggested that if I raised the price, parents are much more inclined to care about it and thus provide that parental motivation teens often need. For example, “I paid [insert expensive amount here] for that college prep course and you’re going to do it whether you like it or not!” Adding an explicative or two might depend on the family you come from.

Truly, many students are genuinely busy, so another route I am researching is a way to get teachers on board by offering extra credit or some other external motivation that may help increase student involvement. Do you think that would help?

Lastly, we are and will continue to offer fun drawings for iTunes gift cards, and increasingly more expensive tech toys like iPads to help motivate students that may not have the intrinsic drive to succeed.

So, which is it?

It was a huge success in my book, one that I have learned from. One that I am growing from and have already made huge improvements and set some more realistic goals. If you were waiting to find out what would happen with this release, there you go. For what it’s worth, I’d like you to take a risk and have your kids sign up for the course, there is a 110% money back guarantee if you don’t like it, and really- you will probably learn as much as your kids will; so make the investment and start preparing for college NOW!


College Admissions Prep Workshop

College Admissions Prep (CAP) The price goes up on Tuesday, 2/22/11, register NOW!

CAP is a 4-week Online College Admissions Prep Workshop that will present the key pillars of the college admissions process-  With just 90 minutes per week (30 minutes three times per week) you will learn the full scope of the college admission process through interactive discussion forums with other students & CLP advisors, lessons, video presentations, (short) quizzes, and essays. In this class you will actually apply for specific scholarships, and learn how to write essays you’ll find on the Common Application.


Vision requires action. Without vision there is little purpose to working, or getting married, or going to school. College is a time to dream, and dreams are all most people live in these days. I know I spent a number of years living in my dreams with little to no action on my part which left me without purpose and without anything to show for it. So in my life I am making a new direction; I am building a future for myself that is based in vision AND action.

I want to be clear: I want to build a business, and I want to make money, but primarily I want to advise current and future college students how to make decisions and choices that will lead to a bright future and living in the purpose they were born for. What were you born for? What were you called to? Do you even know? How can you make a valid decision on where to go to school or what major to choose if you can’t answer those questions?

Easily, and I can show you how.