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What MAPS can do for you:

Working at what this chart shows you have potential in‚ especially when accompanied by drive and passion means you are living your life’s purpose‚ doing what you are designed to do. There is great strength in living your purpose‚ and even greater potential can be realized when passion and drive accompany vocations where you show high potential.

This chart identifies what your relative potential in a particular job is. It does not identify your skills‚ it does not identify your passions‚ likes and dislikes for a particular vocation; you already know what you like and dislike and what you are skilled at. What you did not know is where you have the most potential and what you did not know in this case‚ is more important than what you did know.

Potential zero’s you in on where you will be a good fit. When you have identified a high potential vocation or career that you also have drive and passion for you then know you have a sustainable passion for that career.

Conversely‚ if you rank low in potential for an area‚ but have skills and knowledge in that area‚ generally speaking you will not be able to work in that field with the drive you would if you scored high in it. This does not mean that you would not be good at it‚ especially if you have a passion for it; it just means that you might excel more in a vocation that is a more natural fit.

For example; if you have a high potential score in accounting and administrative vocations but do not like that type of work‚ it would not be a good choice for you regardless of how high you scored in it. If you have a low potential score in sales‚ but you are highly successful and happy in what you do; a high potential score does not mean you should change; your passion may drive you to succeed.

Potential speaks of something much more valuable than skills‚ it identifies vocations and careers you can have a sustainable passion for‚ something you will naturally do well. Learning new skills‚ developing talents and exceeding in areas you both have potential and passion for will‚ generally speaking‚ be easier to achieve and provide you with sustainable drive and passion for the long term as well as significant chances for greater success.


Knowing your purpose is a bit conceited. When I was preaching more, I would be asked on a regular basis, “How can you be sure”? The question is posed because people don’t understand how such a vague and general question about purpose can be articulated. But it can! You can know what you are supposed to do, and then set our goals to get it done!

Joel Barker said, “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” Joel Barker is a man who understands vision and how it is achieved in the world. We must be a generation who lives their life with conviction and purpose to action. For too long people have been talkers and not doers. We must be both. “Seeing” the way the world could be is only part of the paradigm, we must also go out and ‘Just do It’.

I encourage you, before you decide to invest multiple thousands of dollars and countless hours on college, ask yourself, why? Why go to college? What is the goal after college? It’s not all about being happy, it is about living in your strengths with purpose for life. Then success will follow. Then making a difference in the world will follow. Then being fulfilled will follow.

If you’re reading this, if you can hear me… Let me know if I am wrong. How do you feel about this idea?

Early Bird:

I am a huge fan of catching the worm. I don’t do it often enough, but early mornings are when I am at my best! When I have been staying up too late and I edge further into the morning with dreams and sandy eyes, my life is truly drained. This doesn’t happen over night however, it takes time for the toll to be waged. Waking up early gives me the chance to do things no one else in the world can do. I can read, write, take walks, think in peace. It is a huge challenge to find time in the day to simply quiet my mind long enough to think, the morning helps me to do that. I love to write. In fact, I find that if I do not write, I simply am not myself. I may even move closer to insanity the longer I go without writing. I do not believe that I am a good writer, but I love to do it.

This begs the question, when are you at your best? And, are you living in it now? So often we allow others in our lives to dictate what we will or will not do, and while I am a huge fan of wisdom and advice, sometimes you just need to know what works for you and then DO IT! College is a lot like that. Unfortunately, so many of us went to college out of sheer obligation; little thought was given to how I do things best, or how can I live in my strengths using a history degree…

So do you know? Do you know when you are at your best and when you are simply going through the motions? I challenge you to uncover “the best” you, find your strengths, discover your passions. This will unleash a flood of innovation and creativity.  This will benefit you now in your current situation (at work, home, school etc) AND in your future.