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Last year in December I went to Louisiana to spend Christmas with my grandparents and I had a profound experience there. I felt that God laid out 2 distinct goals for 2009 that I have been trying to learn: 1) Patience and 2) Discipline. What I have learned is that I will actually not be able to “master” these concepts this year, but in fact it would take the rest of my life. These are themes for the rest of my life. So now it is coming time to set some new goals for 2010; rather, it is time for God to reveal some new goals for my life for 2010.

  • Grow in my walk with God, deeper than ever before.
  • Grow in my understanding of God’s call on my life, and our life.
  • Have fun with my new wife and learn how to be one flesh with her.
  • Start my own business.
  • Pay off as much debt as humanly possible.
  • Learn to trust the Lord more than ever before.

Part of what I want to do is to help bridge the social gap between college and the rest of life. Paying for college, choosing  major, deciding upon a career… These are life altering decisions that can have life long effects and consequences; both positive and potentially negative.