4-Week College Admission Prep Course

I updated the college admissions course to include and incorporate everything that was originally going to be in 10 weeks, and changed the structure. This will be a four week course, students (and their parents) will learn all about the college admissions process by working in the course 30 minutes at a time, three times per week, for a total of 90 minutes per week; this equals a total time invested by students of 360 minutes over four weeks. You can read all about it below:

This 4-week Online College Admissions Prep Workshop will present the key pillars of the college admissions process, and all of the information students need to know when planning their college future. Students will get a full 360° view of the college planning process, as well as a usable plan of action students can use immediately for their own college planning! With just 90 minutes per week (30 minutes three times per week) you (or your students) will learn the full scope of the college admission process through interactive discussion forums with other students and CLP advisers, lessons, video presentations, (short) quizzes, and essays.

This course will be out of the ordinary, interactive, and students will have a chance to learn all about the college admissions process, and maybe more importantly, what to DO with all the information. Topics to be discussed will be interesting, FUNNY and includes video presentations and class discussion; these topics are:

  1. Know Thyself (90 minute session): Knowing your strengths, abilities, and passions is a key to succeeding in college, and life after college. This is one of the key pillars of the college admissions process because you must learn to be authentic; colleges are looking for genuine and authentic students.
    1. We will also be discussing reasons to be excited about college life like: dorm life, Greeks, activities, and super geeky professors.
    2. This first week will we will also discuss organizational skills and goal setting, which are very important as you start to gather college applications and look at all the different requirements and procedures (to be defined later) and start to see all the different due dates and deadlines, essay topics for each school, and financial aid requirements!
  2. Admissions 101- Getting In (90 minute session): This week you will learn about the admissions process starting with finding the right college for you.
    1. You will learn the difference between admissions requirements and procedures and why you need to care about it.
    2. We will explain key application tips and techniques you need to know that will help you to stand out in a crowd.
    3. We will also be going over essays for the college application including tips from successful Ivy League applicants; you’ll have a chance to write a college essay (as practice) from the common application and receive feedback on that essay.
    4. We will go over the various components of the application, and highlight what you should be doing to get ready for college RIGHT NOW.
  3. Financial Aid 101- Paying For It (90 Minute Session): So now that you’ve been admitted to your top college, you can bet on it costing something. In this section you’ll learn all about the Financial Aid process including information about the FAFSA and CSS applications as well as detailed explanations of loans and grants and scholarships, and how to get them.
    1. In this section we will teach you how to write scholarship essays and you will be given an opportunity to apply for a scholarship this week- taking this class could MAKE YOU MONEY FOR COLLEGE!
    2. We’ll discuss the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and provide helpful information you can use to fill out these vital financial aid documents.
  4. Putting it all Together- Packaging Yourself (90 minute session): I hate to say it, but there are more students trying to go to college than ever before so when you submit your application for the first time, you are a dime a dozen. In this week we will show you how to make yourself shine, and to set yourself a part from the crowed.
    1. In order to do this we will show you how to sum up your life, passions, strengths, achievements, goals, and skills into a college application and to dramatically increase your chances for admission to your top college choice.

The course will have self-paced lessons filled with original and strategic content from leading experts throughout the education world covering the modules of study. All course material can be accessed directly within the online course. We will have videos from prominent college admissions offices, interactive learning environments, and  hi gh quality admissions information usually reserved for only high paying clients to independent advisers. This Admissions Workshop is affordable, informative, and filled with tips, tricks and techniques from professional college advisers just for you. And if you ever have a question, we are just an email or phone call away.




About Nathan and Joanna Cornett

We are a from San Diego California, currently on a mission trip in Guatemala. Nathan has worked as a youth pastor, teen center director, college advisor, and now missionary. Joanna has worked at LaBahn's Landscape for 7 years in the field, sales, and as the Vice President, she started the Hispanic ministry at Foothills Church, and has worked in youth ministry, she is now working as a missionary. We are both passionate about youth, worship, and missions.

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    Looks like a great course, students should take advantage of this!

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