College Admissions Prep (C.A.P.)

CAP is a 4-week, self-directed, Online College Admissions Prep course that will present the key pillars of the college admissions process. With just 1.5 hours per week (30 minutes, three times/week) you will learn the full scope of the college admission process through interactive discussion forums, lessons, video presentations, and (short) quizzes.

So what’s in it for you? Great question: this is the chance to hire an Independent Educational Consultant for a fraction of the cost. You’ll get chat time with CLP advisers, free essay reviews with tips and suggestions, and tons of updated scholarships to apply to!

This course is our comprehensive college counseling package in an online format, but instead of costing you an arm and a leg, your investment will be $49.

The catch?

You have to be self-directed. You have to WANT to learn about the admissions process, financial aid, admissions essays, and how to find scholarships.

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About Nathan and Joanna Cornett

We are a from San Diego California, currently on a mission trip in Guatemala. Nathan has worked as a youth pastor, teen center director, college advisor, and now missionary. Joanna has worked at LaBahn's Landscape for 7 years in the field, sales, and as the Vice President, she started the Hispanic ministry at Foothills Church, and has worked in youth ministry, she is now working as a missionary. We are both passionate about youth, worship, and missions.

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