Knowledge Based Economy: What do YOU Think?

There is a lot of talk about college with opinions ranging from hatred for higher education to those who believe that college equals the epitaph of civilized society. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. What I mean is that I don’t think that college is for everyone, but I do think it is for most people. Recently I was researching some statistics with the U.S. Department of Labor and these factoids were (also recently) re-presented to me, so I felt that the time was right to write about these in this blog. By the way, does anyone read this blog??

In 1950, 60% of the labor force jobs were unskilled, 20% were semi skilled and 20% were skilled jobs. In 2010, those same statistics are nearly inverted with 65% of all jobs available being for skilled laborers only, 20% requiring some skill set/education, and only 15% left for the unskilled labor force.

Education Pays


The above image reveals the unemployment and weekly earning stats for those with advanced education verses those with only an associate’s degree or less.  Unemployment is above 15% for those without a high school diploma, but drops drastically to about 5% for those with a Bachelors degree. We have moved from an industrialized economy in the early 1900’s to a knowledge-based economy in the early 2000’s and unless we are prepared academically, we will not be able to compete on a global scale.

Okay so that’s all great but what’s it mean? It means that knowledge and positioning are important. We need a fresh wave of innovators to create new systems and programs and products that will drive our economy into the next 50 years. The baby boomers are slowly retiring and entering their twilight. You might be a baby boomer reading this blog because you want to help your teen get into college. You might be a 15 year old and saying to yourself that this is the most boring blog you’ve ever read! The key is that we both understand that your educational future is of critical importance! Living in your purpose and strengths and being trained in the area of your potential is sooooooooo important!

I am 29 years old. I have been meandering around the world (and web) for the past 15 years or so trying to “find myself”. What I found is that I wasted some valuable time trying to just ‘figure it out’. The advice of my parents was that with enough experiences and the right timing, I would just fall into what I am supposed to be doing with my time. But what I found was that they were wrong. While I do agree that no one can effectively tell you what you should be doing, as Socrates said, “know thyself”. It is your responsibility to know yourself and your goals; BUT HOW?! This is the million dollar question.

I have the answer. I know that is incredibly naïve and ignorant to say, but I really do know how to help you “find yourself” in a matter of a few hours. It will take many more months to develop and understand what ‘the answer’ means for you and your life; but it could save you years of meandering. Then instead of being a loafer in college because you don’t know what you want to do- you could go to college with purpose in mind, knowing that you were built to do that thing.

Again I ask, does anyone read this? If you want to know the answer, leave a comment. If you want to tell me that I am crazy- leave a comment. If you want to curse horrible obscenities because you think college is all that is wrong with the world- LEAVE A COMMENT. Let’s engage in a dialog about this concept, and the next generation, and how we will work to be creative, innovative, and competitive in a world economy.


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About Nathan and Joanna Cornett

We are a from San Diego California, currently on a mission trip in Guatemala. Nathan has worked as a youth pastor, teen center director, college advisor, and now missionary. Joanna has worked at LaBahn's Landscape for 7 years in the field, sales, and as the Vice President, she started the Hispanic ministry at Foothills Church, and has worked in youth ministry, she is now working as a missionary. We are both passionate about youth, worship, and missions.

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  1. Interested reader says :

    I really enjoyed the blog post. It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

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