What MAPS can do for you:

Working at what this chart shows you have potential in‚ especially when accompanied by drive and passion means you are living your life’s purpose‚ doing what you are designed to do. There is great strength in living your purpose‚ and even greater potential can be realized when passion and drive accompany vocations where you show high potential.

This chart identifies what your relative potential in a particular job is. It does not identify your skills‚ it does not identify your passions‚ likes and dislikes for a particular vocation; you already know what you like and dislike and what you are skilled at. What you did not know is where you have the most potential and what you did not know in this case‚ is more important than what you did know.

Potential zero’s you in on where you will be a good fit. When you have identified a high potential vocation or career that you also have drive and passion for you then know you have a sustainable passion for that career.

Conversely‚ if you rank low in potential for an area‚ but have skills and knowledge in that area‚ generally speaking you will not be able to work in that field with the drive you would if you scored high in it. This does not mean that you would not be good at it‚ especially if you have a passion for it; it just means that you might excel more in a vocation that is a more natural fit.

For example; if you have a high potential score in accounting and administrative vocations but do not like that type of work‚ it would not be a good choice for you regardless of how high you scored in it. If you have a low potential score in sales‚ but you are highly successful and happy in what you do; a high potential score does not mean you should change; your passion may drive you to succeed.

Potential speaks of something much more valuable than skills‚ it identifies vocations and careers you can have a sustainable passion for‚ something you will naturally do well. Learning new skills‚ developing talents and exceeding in areas you both have potential and passion for will‚ generally speaking‚ be easier to achieve and provide you with sustainable drive and passion for the long term as well as significant chances for greater success.


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About Nathan and Joanna Cornett

We are a from San Diego California, currently on a mission trip in Guatemala. Nathan has worked as a youth pastor, teen center director, college advisor, and now missionary. Joanna has worked at LaBahn's Landscape for 7 years in the field, sales, and as the Vice President, she started the Hispanic ministry at Foothills Church, and has worked in youth ministry, she is now working as a missionary. We are both passionate about youth, worship, and missions.

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