Is Education Worth The Investment?

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Is Education Worth The Investment?

See what $500, $2,000, and $7,500 can get you… then decide for yourself.

By David Radcliff

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in May 2009 that workers with a bachelor’s degree earned about $26,000 more, on average, than workers with a high school diploma.

But with economic times tough, paying for education can seem like a large investment. What exactly do you get for your education dollar?

Before you make your decision, check out our breakdown of what you could get from a $500, $2,000, and $7,500 investment in education.

$500-$1,000 = 1-2 Classes*

If your interest lies in acquiring a particular skill to a) make yourself more employable or b) make yourself more promotable, we have good news: your education need not be expensive or all-consuming. In many fields, a single class can really make a difference.

Taking a continuing education class can help you:
-Increase your employability
-Showcase your motivation to your current (or future) employer
-Discover if a new career is right for you

Classes to consider:
Web Design

Search for online and local classes.

$2,000-$5,000+ = Certificate or Diploma

Certificate and diploma programs are cost- and time-effective options for adults looking to invest in their education and expand their career options. Certificate programs generally take a year or less to complete, while diploma programs can take anywhere from six months to one year.

Certificate and diploma programs can help you:
-Train for a new career
-Develop valuable skills in your field of interest
-Gain real-world experience via internship opportunities

Certificate/diploma programs to consider:
Web Design
Medical Transcription
Dental Assisting
Interior Decorating

Search for Diploma and Certificate programs now.

$7,500+ = Associate’s Degree

If you find that going to school (or going back to school) sounds like the next big step for you, a $7,500 investment could put you well on the way to an associate’s degree…and a high-paying career. You could recoup your investment in as little as one to two years on the job.

Career prospects for associate’s degree holders:

Find online and local Associate’s degree programs now.

*Tuition prices of classes and programs vary by school, state of residence, area of study, and other factors.




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